Destructible mesh physics different from other actors


I have a destructible mesh and I’d like it to interact with a physics constraint in the same way as a mesh would. But the destructible mesh doesn’t bounce.
I’ve gone through all settings and searched the docs / forums with no joy. Manually setting the mass of the destructible mesh had no impact. Is it possible, or is this just a limitation of the destructible mesh? Or is it me not understanding something?

I’ve attached an image to illustrate the issue I’m having. In the image all the physics constraints are the same.

From left to right;

  1. Static Mesh with simulate physics turned on (no other physics options)
  2. Blueprint with static mesh in it, simulate physics is turned on (no other physics options)
  3. Destructible mesh

Thanks for any help!

Hi daveREspawn,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce all of this behavior so I have created these JIRA bug reports:

UE-33798 - Destructible attached with a Physics Constraint have inconsistent physics

UE-33795 - Destructible attached with a Physics Constraint ignores Start Awake on play

And I found a JIRA in our system for the mass issue:

UE-5642 - Changing the mass for a Destructible asset does not affect it

Our developers will be investigating further. Please visit our Public Bug Tracker to view the status of these JIRA reports.



Hi TJ,

No worries, happy to do it. Thanks for the update.

All the best,

Two backlogged and one “Won’t fix” with no explanation. Should I even bother trying to get destructible meshes to work with physics?

It’s from 2 years ago, there’s been a lot of engine updates since then.
Why not do a quick test and see if it’s working now.

The “Won’t fix” is from four years ago… It would be better to know if it’s a waste of time since there are SO many other frustrations to deal with in UE4 development and I only have a limited lifespan. :slight_smile:

Hi Jin_VE,

Currently our efforts are focused on high priority crashes and blockers, so these fixes are not guaranteed to be implemented at any point. Of course, you have access to the source so you are welcome to dig in and attempt to fix the issues on your own and enter a pull request if you’d like. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any way to work around these issues at this time.

I hope that clarifies the status of these issues for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding this.

Have a great day,