Destructible mesh parts


I’ve started using some destructible meshes and importing my own chunks. I would like to have access to the chunks themselves to hide them individually and give some specific impulses to specific chunks. So far I am working exclusively through blueprints.

I have an imported static mesh. I made a destructible mesh, I imported chunks from Max into UE4.

I’ve figured out that I can get all socket names and I have Root, Part 0-x and it looks like each “Part” is a chunk. In Max each chunk has a specific name - i.e. FrontWall, RightWall,LeftWall, etc but short of trial and error I can’t find the correct Max chunk name to UE4 socket. Everything keeps coming back Part 1,2,3,etc. Is there an efficient way to get the mesh chunk name so I know which socket I’m dealing with?


Not sure I quite understand but I believe you can find things by giving them tags and searching by tag. Best thing to do is to do all of that beforehand and have some way of looking it up at runtime. By tag or even by name, doing it on the fly can slow things down.