Destructible Mesh lifespan doesn't seem to work properly


I am working with destructible meshes. Pretty sweet feature thanks UNREAL! Anyways the mesh separates and dispereses as desired, but the pieces hang around for ever. The settings of min lifespan and Max lifespan seem to have no effect. Any thoughts as to why that would be?

Thanks ALL

Anyone know if there is a wat in BPs to check if destructible mesh has been fractured? If so I could destroy actor to clean up pieces I guess

I am also trying to figure this out. It would seem having the apex pieces persist in the level would be bad for performance. I haven’t found a solution yet. Just destroying the actor has no effect.

I got it. I’ll post a pic of the setting I’m using tomorrow. I didn’t need to do anything in BP. you have to use the override check box on the destructible component of the actor.