Destructible Mesh Issues 4.19 - Bugs?

I’m having a few issues with destructible meshes in 4.19 that, for all intents and purposes, should be working but I cannot understand why they aren’t. Everything works fine in 4.15, so what changed?

First is materials. I can add a material to the outside of the mesh but I cannot add a second to the interior. By default, the Materials has one array attached to it which works fine for the exterior of the mesh, but if I add a second array material for the interior of the chunks nothing shows up. Also, if I click Fracture Mesh again, the second array material is removed.

Secondly, is the effects. Array 0 seems to have no effect but array 1 and below works fine.

I’m curious if this is the same for everyone. There are dozens of tutorials on how to create destructible meshes but none seem to delve into the texturing and effects part of it. Even Epic’s tutorial doesn’t go near the texturing/effects. =\