Destructible Mesh is 298,759 tris and 85mb! Help Reducing?

My roof mod here: uses the game’s ramp as the roof model, and the only thing I’ve changed on the static mesh is its angle. The static mesh is 38,293 tris but when I generate destructible mesh and fracture, it comes out to almost 300,000 tris and the file size is 85 mb, more than half the size of my whole mod. I know that destructible meshes usually run high like 10 to 20mb but this seems crazy high even compared to the DM of the stock ramp which is 34mb.

Any advice on the DM settings that would make the file smaller?

The “Cell Site Count” option will decrease the amount fractures that is done to that mesh which will reduce the triangle count and file size.

OK, so “Cell Site Count” has a default of 25, I tried 15, 10, 5, and finally 2. With 2 cell site count, the DM is 232,009 tris, 4 bones, and weighs in at 66MB. Something else is going on causing it to generate such a huge number of tris and I don’t know what.

I am using the stock wooden ramp static mesh to generate the destructible mesh, with a slight adjustment to its angle, and the static mesh is 15,443 tris and 38,293 verts (which I misstated in the OP). If anyone has any more ideas, i’d be grateful.

If you have 3D studio max export it to there then apply an optimizer modifier…Should shrink considerably unless there is a need for all that geometry which I can’t imagine for a roof.

Edit - Never mind forget this. If this is the way you were going this would have been obvious. There would be a lot of work involved with retexturing, skinning and weight painting. Probably beyond the scope of what you are trying to do. Good luck with it however.

MechanizedIT, did you ever get a solution to this. I am having much the same problem, I have a lot of custom meshes in my mod and creating destructible’s for them is causing the mod to get enormous. I know there is a toolkit from Nvidia called apex that supposedly allows you to create FBX meshes that may be the solution but I am having trouble finding out more about it. Please post if you have found a solution.