Destructible Mesh: How to remove single bones?

Does anybody know if there is a way to remove single chunks/debris/bones from destructible meshes? Or any workaround? I want to delete the chunks upon walking over them.

  • Searching for a destroy bone node → problem: none found
  • Disable collision of destructible mesh with player and then hide bone → problem: hidden chunks still collide with other objects in world
  • Attaching bone to physics handler (with find closest bone name) and set transform to place far away → problem: it physically moves to destination (didn’t find any teleportation methods) → drags simulating objects with it that are in the way and stops at walls (the game is mostly indoors), and very inconsistent in terms of attaching; suddenly moving multiple bones but triggering only 2 collision event (very strange)
  • Have every chunk of my mesh to be a real static mesh and combining them in an actor → problem: complex collisions cant be simulated and box and sphere collision give (very) bad simulation results (maybe convex collision or custom collision? - they still need a lot of effort, because I then need to set the collision for every single chunk (but doable))

You can hide the bone and get bone location. (Get num of bones and check if all are hidden then destroy actor) Then you can do trace for the bone names and add anther actor in that location. I’ve tried it in UE4.24. All in blueprints.