Destructible mesh Failed to load

I am getting this error, and recreated the asset 3 times and it seems to work then seems to randomly give this error.

Also I have a the original version of the mesh in the directory and it always loads. I have deleted the asset from the folder and recreated two times, then recreate the BP. I have been using the asset for 3 versions of the engine.

I cleared my entire cache just now and reloaded the 4.18.2 version of the project and got the error again. When I recreate the asset it works as expected, close the editor down and it will load several times fine then I will get the error again seems random. Just started happening yesterday, checked to make sure the APEX plugin was still loaded and I have other objects that haven’t had troubles. So I am confused.

CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource ‘AssetImportData’: DestructibleMesh

The entire error log:

CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource ‘SceneThumbnailInfo_0’: DestructibleMesh /Game/vex_content/Models/vex_ball_DMR.vex_ball_DMR
CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource ‘AssetImportData’: DestructibleMesh /Game/vex_content/Models/vex_ball_DMB.vex_ball_DMB
CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource ‘SceneThumbnailInfo_0’: DestructibleMesh /Game/vex_content/Models/vex_ball_DMB.vex_ball_DMB
CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource ‘AssetImportData’: DestructibleMesh /Game/vex_content/Models/vex_ball_DMR.vex_ball_DMR

Also just a little more info, the icons for the items show up in the content browser but you when right click on them they give a failed to load error. If you double click on them they also give a failed to load error. I checked the Nvidia Driver I was running and just updated it to the latest still getting the error.

The setup uses the pawn class with two items a model and that model turned into a destructible the BP contains an Event BeginPlay which fires off a Add Radial Force then a Apply Radial Damage. Very simple. Once I run the game Pawn actor has the destructible component deleted or removed and then errors are created from the missing component, if I leave the destructible mesh empty it keeps the component.

The last thing I did was create a sequence for the end game event that triggers this asset being used. I am wondering if something related to the sequencer playing is causing this issue.

Continuing to debug:
If I keep the Pawn with the destructible component any new model that gets plugged in gives the missing error right after it runs. I removed the begin play event after it deleted the destructible component again, and the destructible loaded and worked again. I then returned the other two items from the temp folder I was hiding them in and if they are not being used in this Pawn BP then came right back on load worked fine.

I am confused why using a Event Begin Play would cause the destructible component from being removed from the Pawn actor creating all this trouble. Odd that it was working for almost a year in other projects and other versions of the engine including this one until yesterday. Is it invaliding the object on run then removing it, is this a bug? Any help would be great.

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After many attempts to figure this out, I have created two images of the same bp before and after load. My biggest discovery is that it has nothing to do with my content, this example shows that it is happening when the Destructible Class is being loaded using a Blue Print.

Any help would be great!

Please find the images hereafter:

Hi, I’m getting this “destructible mesh failed to load” issue in 4.18.0. Everything was working fine for months, but today it decided to stop working and I didn’t change a single line of code.

I create the destructible meshes on one of my actors via c++ on game start. Doing this seems to cause the destructible meshes to become corrupted in the editor. They don’t show up ingame and I can’t open them in the editor. Their name changed to “None” in the editor and double clicking them doesn’t open them. If I right click it gives me the failed to load message, but there’s nothing in the logs. If I restart the editor, the meshes are fine, but as soon as I play the game they get corrupted again. Modifying the meshes has no impact.

If I create the destructible meshes later in the game, they work fine. This is a problem because I want to create them on start in order to preload them and prevent loading freezes later…

I don’t know what to do. I might try to go blind and try to find the earliest point I can load them without them being corrupted… Or maybe this issue isn’t there in a packaged version. For now though, I don’t have time to deal with this. I just hope they don’t stop working altogether for no reason later…