Destructible Mesh Component - Wierd Collision Problem

I want to initially set the collision to ‘No Collision’ and then replace my static mesh component with its destructible mesh version when it ‘dies’.
I’ve got the replacement working by adjusting ‘Visibility’ when I need to, but for some reason unless I enable collision first through the Details
panel the DM doesn’t have any collisions when it appears even though I ‘Set Collision Profile’ to what it needs to be ‘IgnoreOnlyPawn’.

So to recap:

1#: Set DM to IgnoreOnlyPawn straight away.
Result: Collides whether it’s visible or not.

2#: Set DM to NoCollision then use Set Collision Profile node to set it to ‘IgnoreOnlyPawn’ when I need the collision.
Result: Doesn’t collide whether it’s visible or not.

I need it to only collide when visible basically.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Edit: In the end I just kept the DM at a location where nothing can touch it, and translate it to the correct location when I need it. Sucks that I need to use this work around, but it works for me.

Thank you.

Can’t really answer your question without seeing anything, but I handle this a bit differently and maybe this will help you. I override the actor destroyed event on my pawn and spawn in the DM at that moment. Works perfectly.

Sounds like a good alternative option. My thinking process however is that I want to load everything initially to prevent any hitches that might occur if I try to load something big afterwards. I’ve noticed destructible meshes tend to have a higher polycount than the original mesh so I figured it was a good strategy to just create it initially, but keep it hidden and disable collisions. I don’t think this method adds too much overhead since I keep the DM outside the camera’s view until I need it.