Destructible Mesh Collision

Having issues getting destructible meshes to collide properly even though I’ve already added collision to the static mesh prior to creating it.

Any ideas?

Collision is different for Destructibles. The collision that is setup for the static mesh that it is derived from has no bearing on how collision will be setup for the DM.

When creating your DM it will generate a single convex hull for your base mesh (depth 0, unfractured). For depth 1 (fractured) single convex hulls will be generated for each chunk. These collision hulls will not be concave to form tighter bounds for your collision mesh on your chunks. You can see this better by playing in editor and entering the console command “PXVIS Collision.” This will show the physx collision hulls.

There is a feature request in for better collision hulls generations and custom collision, but there is no eta of when/if this will ever be implemented.

You can try enabling the flag for Accurate Raycasts which can help some, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t completely give you the solution you wanted.