Destructible Mesh Collision Channel Response Change problem

Hello, I build a blueprint wall that contains a destructible component that could be broken by vehicle and weapon traces.
And I find those thunks influences my car’s movement. So I prefer to close the chunk collision to vehicle after they are fractured. I search for AnswerHub and gladly find [UE-7162][1] would help me. But instead I use functions as follows:

But my trace weapon can no more hit my Destructible mesh after the event posted, and I have tried to ignore the vehicle channel at beginning, strange things happen that weapon trace is also ignored by the destructible mesh. I make sure the component is blocked to the weapon trace channel during the play. So can anyone explain about this? Thanks for any suggestions.

you question is very hard to understand and follow. also your link doesnt function.

i would start by using a custom event instead of the check collision. beyond that i would check the collision response settings to make sure you didnt overlook something or set something wrong.

I have printed the Destructible component’s Collision Response to weapon which is exactly the weapon trace channel and it turns out to be block. Could I ask which part of my description is not clear? Sorry for that.
The weapon trace could hit destructible component before the Fracture event has been called.
PS: CheckCollision is the name of a custom event I created. And link for UE-7162 is fixed.