Destructible mesh - chunks texture

Hello everyone, I’m still learning how UE works so go easy on me.
I’m using NVIDIA PhysXLab to create a destructible mesh: it’s a wooden crate so I used PhysXLab to make a more realistic wooden destruction effect (default UE Voronoi isn’t good for wooden from what I can see). It works like a charm, exporting, importing and destruction too. The asset I destory (the wooden crate) comes with a custom texture: I made a material with it and applied to the mesh successfully. But when the mesh is destroyed the inner texture of chunks is the same texture of the whole mesh “shrunk”. I don’t understand how I can edit this “inner texture”. I read about people having a similar issue: default blank texute for inner chunks.
What I have already tried to do:

  • I opened the destructible mesh editor and added another Material item under the Skeletal Mesh tab. There was only a “0” item, I added item “1” and tried to apply mesh for chunks here: it didn’t work.

Is there something I’m missing?