Destructible mesh by touch trigger box?

I have followed many tutorials but could not find one to work. I want one trigger box that makes one or more meshes explode on touch, so you can see this from an distance. See screenshot from last setup i did get from an tutorial, i have no clue left what to do. Thanks for reading and hopefully helping me out! :slight_smile:

In the DM settings where the DM is created i have the following setup:

  • Damage threshold: 1.0
  • Damage Spread: 0.1
  • Enable impact damage: Off
  • Custom impact Resistance: Off
  • Debris Lifetime min: 1.0
  • Debris Lifetime max: 10.0
  • Debris Max seperation: 1.0
  • Debris Max Seperation: 10.0

In the details in viewport i have these settings for the DM mesh:

  • Simulate Physics: On
  • Enable Gravity: On
  • Start Awake: When On, is exploding at player start? Off= happening nothing.
  • Collision generating hit events? Had it on and off,
  • Collision, Blocks Alle or i have set it on Destrictible

PS: i had the Base damage on 1.0 before i took this screenshot, and also in other setups… i can’t find the right connections for the BP’s… to make it work.

I have tried a lot of setups but i can’t get the mesh destructible on an simple trigger box touch, i have it setup like below, one Onactorbeginoverlap>set damage base value> add damage, and in add damage i connected the DM mesh. Feels like the right setup but it is not working? Some help would be great.


You need drag from DM reference and create Apply Damage node for it. Try this. It is works for me.

or this