Destructible mesh and support depth

When using destructible meshes, using a support depth of 1 prevents the whole mesh being destroyed in a single hit. So far so good. The problem occurs when a few chunks have been knocked off the mesh from a hit. Once those first chunks have been removed, the remaining mesh becomes solid and will not take any more damage or create any more chunks. Whta is happening and why and how can I stop this happening. I want to be able to slowly chip away at a mesh, removing a rew chunks at a time, instead of knocking off a few chunks and then having the rest of the mesh be indestructible. Please help.

It’s a known issue with DMs.

You can create your DM in Maya using the apex plug in and import it as single meshes, reduce the amount of chunks in your model, or change your game plan.

I am also having this problem!

In general, I think this editor could use a lot of simplification and clarity. If Epic would like some ideas how, I’m willing to offer. I’m trying to teach this editor to a group of high school kids and it just seems like there’s a lot of places students can get easily lost and confused.

I ran into the same issue and fixed it by making a bp class and put the destructible mesh in it as a component. Hope it helps!