Destructible Mesh Actor Overlap

So, I have a few Destructible Meshes in my level which I have set to only fracture when reaching a certain damage count, this all works fine.

My issue is the nature of the location of some of these meshes mean they have to overlap with other items in the game whether they be other (not destructible) meshes or BSP walls. So when they fracture the pieces that are overlapping the other items go flying away from them making the fracture look unrealistic. What I’d like to have is the pieces that overlap the surrounding items stay ‘stuck’ in place and the ones that aren’t have their usual physics effects and break apart as normal.

Is this possible and if so what settings do I need to look into, links to tutorials or old threads explaining/wanting the same thing will also be appreciated if you know of any.

Kind Regards,

Hi ,

What are the current settings you have setup for your DM?

Most likely, if you’ve not already you’ll want to use World Support and have at least a support depth of 1. This way the chunks will not be broken free until they receive enough damage to do so. Even still, if these piece receive enough damage the chunks and are broken free they will still be expelled from any collision bodies they are overlapping with. since collision bodies shouldn’t overlap like that.

You could always set these parts that are overlapping to be non-fracturable (Chunk Parameter: Do Not Fracture), this way they can never break free or be destroyed to be expelled from overlapping another collision body.

I hope this helps.