Destructible generates no hit event?

I have a destructible Actor which generates no OnComponentHitEvent’s . The “hitting” object is set to Block all Dynamic and the destructible to generate Hit Events is set and Collision presets is Destrucitble.
What can be the problem, maybe thats not possible as the junks can fly away?

Your message is a bit vague and I fail to clearly see what’s your setup.

I’ll give it a shot anyway:
There are multiple reasons for a OnHit or OnOverlap event not to fire:

Are your collision properly setup? Are both object presets detecting each other?…ics/Collision/

The initial mesh you used to create your destructible mesh might not have proper collisions in its Mesh details (check out by opening the static mesh and showing the collision).

The initial mesh might not have the proper collision setting (use simple as complex / use complex as simple).

The destructible mesh as well is worth looking at to see if it seems to have a collision (when you open your destructible mesh, I’m not sure if you can display collision or not, if you can do it and see if it looks ok).

The collision type you selected for your component might not be good for the type of event you’re trying to trigger. “PhysicOnly” - “SimulatedOnly” - “Both”. In your case you need to active Both.

The checkbox “Generate HitEvents” needs to be checked on all components.

If you want more details, quote me with my name (it will generate a notification for me).

@Yun-Kun Thanks for your answer. I try to provide more information with the pictures.
If I take the object, where the destructible is derived from as a normal static mesh, there are no problems for the hit event, it is only a problem with the destructible.

That is a very good question. Can you answer it?
I thought it is correct, as they all block World Static, World dynamic and Destructible.

Well it shows the collision correctly, but I don’t have any options within the details panel of the destructive? But the “other object” bounce off the surface of the destructible mesh correctly.

This is preset with “BlockAllDynamic” right?

Once again, thanks a lot for your help.