Destructible floor brakes when I shoot in any direction

I’ve combed through the videos on YouTube which is why I’m here. I did suspect a radial impulse but, had no idea of how to accurately check it. I will check out the visualizing collisions, that seems like it’ll be a huge help to me. I’ll get back if there’s still an issue, thanks for the (quick) input!

I’m attempting to make a game that is heavily destructible. I was originally using the physx pack as a template but eventually got the FPS wizard pack to use instead. My projectiles aren’t breaking my destructibles however, every time I shoot the floor below me breaks. I can’t tell if it’s using physics or raycasting or whatever. I just want my bullets to react accordingly and the floor / building to not annihilate below my feet. I’ve tried adding extra pieces of code in the projectiles but it never seems to work. There’s a tick box that says something about sweep collisions. I wonder if that might be the cause. I’m still very much a noob and would appreciate some Community feedback.

Could be a number of things from that description.

As a start you can visualize the collisions to get an idea of what is causing the destruction to occur.

The projectiles might have a large collision radius?

It could also be a radial impulse - 1.3 - Radial Force / Impulse | Unreal Engine Documentation

Finally, failing that I’d recommend you find some videos (plenty on youtube) \ documentation on the destruction system.You’ll then have an idea of what to look for in the code.

You can search all the Blueprint code in your project : Blueprint Search | Unreal Engine Documentation

Good luck!