Destructible explodes when shot?

Hey guys. I’m having an issue where my PhysX Destructible explodes when its shot. Even when I have World Support and Support Chunks on. This video is what i’m trying to achieve but whenever I shoot my DM it just explodes and fly’s away SO fast. Like it’s so fast that it looks like it disappears. Can someone please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

This one’s a bit late, but in the event that anyone else stumbles across this post looking for an answer.

World support and Asset Support are good for keeping an object grounded, but in order for those settings to work the Support Depth must be set to at least 1. This will correspond to the number of depths you have in your DM. If you created it in UE4 it will only have 1 depth. If you used PhysX labs you can have up to Five additional Depths for more control.

By using the Support Depth you are setting it so that the chunks will only break free at that depth level when they have received enough damage to do so.