Destructible component is adding fracture effects element

Each time i change the Destructible Mesh (SM_Plane_100x100x1) by another one, an element is added in the Fractures effects, i have now 14 elements of empty things that i can delete/remove !!!

if i continue to change my destructible mesh this will be growing to infinite :o

Weird bug, but it looks like you are making your Destructive Meshes inside the Unreal Engine; which is far from fully developed.

You should download and create your Destructive Meshes in the Apex PhysX Lab. Here is an answer on going through that process;

I am getting the same issue.

There is a bug in the destructible component that causes additional fracture effects to be created every time you change the Destructible Mesh of the component.

Incidentally, this is finally fixed in 4.17.