Destructible collision does not get removed correctly on fracture

Ok here is the breakdown I have a door that can be unlocked or broken by force. If unlocked I destroy the destructible. If enough damage is applied it fractures and the player can proceed.

Its a simple BP with a static mesh and a destructible

BUT when it fractures the player cannot pass for a time between 3 to 10 seconds .
I cannot understand the problem because if i pause and resume the game the problem is fixed and the pawn can pass trough the hole.

( the result is the same with complex and simple collision ) (the hole is big enough for the player)

The fractured parts do collide with the player and I like it like this because they push the pawn in a very “natural way” when they explode.

here are the "collides with player " visualisation it shows no problems

Before fracture

After fracture

the pieces that are there do not block the player after the “time” has passed .

So yeah I have no idea ( it is a tight fit between the meshes but even if the destructible 0.9 in scale it still does the same thing )

The problem persists with all types of collision (simple as complex etc etc ) , different chunk count (3, 25, 60, 75 ) , even AFTER I destroy the component.

This seems VERY interesting:

It seems messing with the Destructible options fixed the “problem” and just as I’m writing this , it messed up again .

Something in the Special Hierarchy Depths when changed (OR reverted to default) fixed the BP for 1 play then after it was broken again.

Fixed in 4.2

And still there in 4.10 - invisible chunk bone left-overs, whatever. It’s blocking the player. No visible chunks, all destroyed - but the player is running into invisible collisions and can’t pass it - not even with high chunk thresholds.


I have tried reproducing this and I’m not seeing the issue. Since you’ve got another post regarding this with other questions I’ll respond in more depth on that post and some things to try, but as far as I see with this setup and a simple test asset I made I’m not seeing the same results so I’m going to close this post back out since it is an extremely old post.