Destructible and fly my character!

Hello! If my model fall aprat/destructible/damage on chunks, and if i go to this chunks, SOMETIMES my character flying to top on x distance and drops.

Please help.

Hi PanKamil,

I’m not fully understanding what you’re describing. Can you post a screenshot to illustrate what’s going on or even a video if that’s better illustrates what you have going on.



Sorry for my bad english. If my model is destructible (in chunks), and if i go my character in this chunks, SOMETIMES shoots me in the air

This is somewhat of a known issue. I’m working on getting a solid case that reproduces this so that can happen more often. With that it should help the engineers take a better look at this.

Unfortunately, right now my sample testing level is very inconsistent. I’ll update once I’ve got a ticket in with a case that can get this to happen more often.

I’ve managed to get a more reproducible version of this to happen. I’ve submitted a ticket to have a developer look into it further. The ticket number is UE-12492.

Once a solution has been reached I’ll update this post with any relevant information.

Thank you!