Destructible actors on Android?

Is it possible to have destructible actors on Android with 4.11.x ? I’ve recently saw somewhere that it’s not supported. Thanks.

Destructible is not supported on mobile.

Any plans to support it or is it nor practical due to computation power needed?

If not, what would be the best way to destroy stuff on mobile platforms ?


It requires APEX and cooking physics collision on the device which would be too slow. Having a set of precreated broken pieces created offline and swapping in a runtime will have better performance.

Do I need to have it pre-animated and trigger anim after swap, or crumbling physics would be done real-time ?

I have achieved something like this with my first game on Android. No animation is required.
First I fractured a mesh in 3dsmax using a Voronoi script (this). Then I imported both the original mesh and the fractured pieces into UE4 and put them all in one blueprint. I made sure to use custom convex collision meshes for each chunk to ensure no weird initial overlap issues.
Collision and physics and visibility was turned off for all of the fractured chunks. Then when I wanted the mesh to fracture I turned off visibility and collision and physics for the main mesh, then turned on all of these for the mesh chunks. I then added the right force to all of the chunks based on the collision location, etc.
In order to do all of this parameter changing to all the chunks, I made them all a child of a SceneComponent, then iterated through all of its children.
This is probably pretty heavy on the CPU, so I wouldn’t make your mesh fracture into more than like 20 chunks. I had framerate issues when I went much higher than this, and actually settled for closer to 10 in the end.

It would be nice we we could bake destructible actors directly from the editor, like we can do with animations.

Something changed in last engine versions about it? Cause i made my small project with destructibles and discovered that it’s not working on android mobile as intended only now.) Oh, lol.

Hi. I’ve also searched recently how to destroy objects on mobile.
It seems that we have to wait for Chaos support for mobile: Trello
(Do they already have it in mobile Fortnite?)

*Also, Desktop Forward Renderer will make mobile development a bit easier, I hope.