Destructible actor overlapping currently moving actor only?


I’m having a weird problem and have spent 1.5f days to solve it but also learned new stuff… Now, I found out that my problems causes destructible actor (with Destructible component only) which doesn’t overlap my static mesh. However, normal actor (with StaticMesh component only) does. After my tests it seems like the destructible actor isn’t overlapping actors which aren’t moving.

I’m using UE4 4.10.4 and those images are from my test project (3rd person template) I made to test this out.

I even set collision and physics properties the same for Destructible (yellow cube) and StaticMesh (green cube). Also, the Z location of them is the same and GroundSM (gray cube) is put on the ground by pressing End key. Attached images shows them better.

So, if I drop only the yellow cube on gray cube and wait until they’re not moving (although gray is on the ground in this case), making them seemingly overlap each other. Now when I move/bump into gray cube with the template Character, overlap happens. However, gray cube isn’t sleeping because moving it doesn’t fire its OnComponentWake.

But if I do it the other way around and drop the gray cube on yellow cube, they overlap fine, because then gray cube is moving.

What’s going on with the destructible?? Or is it me…

Thanks. Looking forward to any ideas =)


This is currently a known issue that exists in our database (UE-6647). I will increase the community interest in this issue, and provide updates as they become available.

Have a great day