Destructible actor move away debris/fracture parts from player

How to make to move away of the player the Debris/Fracture parts (i like move with the player the debris but no collision with they) ?

Are you having an issue with the player colliding with these parts and not allowing the player to move past? There is no way to get the chunks specifically via BP and alter them.

If you want to change the collision for the chunks that are blocking the player you can do this by selecting the DM in your scene and in the details panel you can alter the “Large Chunk Threshold” to make any chunk below that threshold not affect the players movement.

You can take a look at my simple tutorial covering this:

If you need something more specific can you please clarify and explain in more detail and I can see if I can help get you started.



Thanks, but with that i got a similar result as changing the collisions to no collide with pawns, but i need move the parts around simulating the collision between the debris and the player, (apply a force or how) ?
My best option now is in the player capsule check the overlaps and with the debris apply a force but i don’t have an idea about how apply the forces or how use the forces, because no work for me.
I get the destructible actor via “OnComponentBeginOverlap” and cast to the mesh but at apply a force, not work or i don’t know how apply or use the forces.

*And after that i need use the same thing but with normal physic objects, like card boxes in the map.

And via C++ ?