Destructable Mesh explodes on damage taken

I’m trying to make destructible meshes work, but unfortunately, the moment they collide with something they immediately explode into all pieces which spread everywhere. It looks like a bomb is placed inside the mesh. I’m doing it 100% exactly like in the tutorials but it behaves completely different. Why? And how do I fix it? Is there any way to specify how far the tiles explode at least?

Hi Typhox,

What tutorial are you referring to? Can you link it here please?

You need to set your Destruction Mesh to have a proper Support Depth. Try a value of 1 if you created it in UE4. If you created it using PhysXLab you can use a value up to the number of depths you created.

By using a Support Depth you’re telling the DM to not allow any chunks to break free unless they receive enough damage to do so. If they don’t receive the right amount of damage they stay attached.

As far as controlling how far they explode. Do you mean for them to go further or stay closer? If you mean further, you can try increasing the Fracture Impulse Scale. This will give a little extra push to the chunks to push them away from each other and go a little further. Try larger values and bring it down until you get something that you like.