Destructable mesh disappearing next to a destroyed mesh

So, I have a Destructable Mesh floor and if I fracture (apply damage) to one of the panels in the, the other panel it is touching disappears, if I move the disappearing panel 30 units away it won’t disappear.
I am using “Apply Radius Damage” to make the meshes fracture.

Here is a video of the panels disappearing: - YouTube

Hi gmc,

Thanks for posting the issue. I’ve been able to replicate something similar, but not this exact issue with the material causing the mesh to disappear.

The issue I’m seeing though seems related directly to crumble smallest chunks. The mesh is being left behind but there is no collision like the mesh has been wiped but the chunks were not disposed of.

So a couple of things to try if you don’t mind while investigating this one.

Can you try disabling “Crumble smallest chunks” and see if you see the same results?

Are you able to reproduce this issue with the visibility in another map with a different mesh? I want to rule out that something may be up with this particular mesh.



OK, that fixed it! The mesh now crumbles, however, even the other destructables touching it crumble, I even recreated the destructable with a different mesh in a new level with all the same settings (including the Cell Site Count of 50 and a Random Seed of 42137901)

I’ve entered the bug for this (UE-8513). There is no time frame for when this will be corrected though. I’ll update here once a fix has been submitted and verified fixed.

So there is no fix yet?

Majority of Destructibles bugs are backlogged at the moment typically unless it’s a crash. There will be a time in the future where these are a dedicated period of focus, just not quite yet.

I’ve bumped the community interest for this bug.