Destructable Glass

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Aligning the blueprint:
Unfortunately destructibles in ue4 didn’t like world support on all sides and more often than not the window would pop out of the wall when hit.
So it was necessary to have surrounding supporting bits these can be hidden in the supports and I included an align material variable to help hiding the support chunks
Drag and drop blueprint into scene
Select Align Material variable
Scale Blueprint and align white lines to edges
Uncheck the Align Material Variable and your good to go

Increasing Destructibles

When you have many destructibles in a scene (eg my example map) the engine will stop the destructibles from breaking into pieces and instead the pieces will disappear.

You will need to increase the max destructible count in the engine by editing ConsoleVariables.ini
Once again this is for the engine so the file is located in the install folder of UE4
My file location:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.15\Engine\Config\ConsoleVariables.ini

Once you open it just add the two lines at the bottom and save the file



UE4 doesn’t really support replication for destructible meshes out of the box so after a lot of research and testing, I found the best solution is to replicate the projectile and have it run it on the server. Then when the projectile is shot it will be shot on both the server and client and it will hit in the destructible mesh in the same spot. This isn’t 100% replication but it more than gets the job done.

Here is an example

I will update the files to include these changes, but for your own project you will have to do these two easy things.

  1. set projectiles to replicate

  2. In the player Blueprint create a custom event that runs on the server and use that to fire projectiles

When you set this up you will notice on the client that the projectile angle only changes on the Z axis (the player can’t fire at the ground or in the air) this is because movement replication in UE4 isn’t set up for all angles and to change that you’ll have to go into C++.(at least from what I was able to gather)

If you are using 4.18 and above you will have to enable the apex destruction plugin


Interesting, does it support safety glass breaking like a car windows / Counter Strike office window?

This set doesn’t have the safety glass break pattern, but it could be something I could do for the future.
I also have a few ideas for bulletproof glass.

…and now I have to play cs_office for “Research”

Can you tell us more about how it works? It has a set break pattern (or a few), and then offsets the pattern depending on where you hit (and any bits outside the edges don’t spawn)?

just bought your package in offer, but discovered only rectangular/squared glasses are allowed… this is a deal breaker. Any way to change base plane shape (eg. car glass)?

Hey Curs0, to do a custom shape for the glass would require you having to basically recreate it from the start. It can certainly be done, but would take a lot of work.

Could these panes be put in rectangular windows?

Yes, rectangular glass panes are included.


I’m considering buying your asset but have two critical questions:

  • are holes in glass properly replicated? I don’t care for chunks or physics, I only need accurate replication for bullet holes for gameplay purposes.
  • can I change material to something else? I was thinking about changing material to wood and using it for very limited wall/cover destruction.

Thank you for help


I have some issues with the package. Randomly I will have a glass panel that I am not able to break but able to shoot through. When I stopped playing in editor it shows this error.


I am having some problem the package where randomly a glass panel cannot be shot. Below is the error message I get when trying to shoot that specific glass panel. Do you know how to solve the problem? Thanks.

Endlessfaith If you are using 4.18 you will have to enable apex destruction plugin in the editor sorry for the late reply I didn’t get a notification

Hello, I just purchased your asset and all 4 glass blueprints say bad blueprint with a very long list of errors. I am using 4.18 and see that you need to turn on apex destruction, but that is not installed in my editor nor can I find it. Can you help point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Hello, I have UE 4.18.3, added an asset to my project via Epic Launcher, opened a Demo Map and I see BP doesn’t compile. Please help to solve.

How to request for refund? This blueprint doesn’t work at all

I’m sorry to reply so late, but the forums don’t send me notifications. In my original post I have stated that from 4.18 onwards you need to make sure the apex destruction plugin is enabled

Thank you very much Spuller, I was able to fix it, yes enabling APEX destructive plugin has fixed it all and everything works fine. I also faced a bug with my own glass material, but applying your materials helped me to fixed it. Works great as I expected and did its job! Thank you very much!

I have 4.19 installed and have errors in this assets when assign it to a new and clean project. Any tips (or fixes are needed)?
A bp node is not existing any more. Also several other Error. Update would be needed!

PLEASE write this directly into your description of the asset and not only in a forum!

At the moment I don’t find the APEX Plugin. It’s not listed in plugins in my projects. And it’s not on market place (like substance plugin is on market place). Where do I find it?

Do we need to change anything to our projectiles? Im shooting the glass and its not breaking