Destroying Static mesh and Emitter Tutorial

This might be a simple question, but I was following along with some Blueprint tutorials, and the one which walks you through a pickup - it is very simple, you run over the static mesh, it creates an explosion and is destroyed (

In the example, the Statue is used and you must be sure to turn on Overlap All - and it works.

I tried the same thing with the ‘SM_Bush’ static mesh and it will not work - its almost as if it does not detect any actor moving on it - the blueprint does not fire at all.

Does this have to do with the collision/overlap space of the static mesh? And how do I change this?

Any help would be appreciated and this is most likely a very n00b question so if it should be posted elsewhere, Admin, feel free to move/let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Alright, so I figured it out - because I couldn’t see the blueprint firing off when I would walk - I figured it was collision related. I then viewed the bush mesh and found it lacked any collision box - so I simply added a collision box to the mesh, and boom, worked just fine.

So lesson is, if you want to collide with an object, it would help to have a collision box on the mesh!!