Destroying Skeletal Mesh

Hello guys.
I’m working on a top-down ARPG game, like Diablo, Path of Exile and like this, and i ran into a problem which i can’t solv. I want to set up the enemy, which receive damage whenever the player clicks on it. In the prototyping stage i just want to simple destroy the actor, but setting up the OnClickEvent does nothing. I tried to set up this to the diferent compoments but nothing works. Tried to use Actor and Character blueprint, but nothing works with the Skeletal mesh, only with Static meshes, but for thet i can’t set up animations. If somebody has an idei for this, can you write me how to do this?
Thank you fellow creators!

Make sure you check your collision on that actor. Maybe the skeletal mesh doesnt have collision, so the OnClick never fires? Use a Capsule Component or something like this.

Thank you your suggestion. I tried it, setting up a collision, and changing the Meshs’ collision from Pawn to Destructible solved the problem.