Destroying an actor upon collision with ANYTHING

I’m having some issues with what I think should be a very simple procedure - leading me to believe I’m missing something obvious…

I want to set up a system that kills an actor when it hit or overlaps anything.

So far as I understand, both hit and overlap events only trigger when both actors are set to generate hit / collide events… My test level is made from a large number of static meshes at the moment, which would ALL generate hit events every frame were I to enable hit detection… (I presume)

What confuses me is that there is some kind of “hidden” collision detection system which allows the game to calculate when the player character collides with anything - i.e. I can drop a basic cube into my level, and the player is automatically blocked by it.

I am unable to generate any events with the actor I want to destroy, however, using any combination of collision rules, meshes and collision meshes that I have tried…

How is this accomplished?

As you said, it’s probably very simple.
Check the actor’s collision. It probably has a complex collision (mesh collision).
If it is, all the other objects have to have Detect Complex Collision activated.

Redo your test with simple cubes and then move on to your mesh in order to trace the problem.

Hey, apologies for the slow reply! I kinda put this issue aside for a while as I couldn’t resolve it… But I’ve come back to it now…

The actor is actually just a bunch of particle effects attached to a sphere overlap and a standard sphere static mesh.

Here are the settings:

I am using “set actor transform” on every frame to have the actor constantly move. I have played with using the “sweep” settings, and all kinds of things, and I just really can’t understand why this doesn’t work.

Surely there must be an easy way to detect collision with ANYTHING?

The only way I can see to make the actor behave as I want is to constantly send out visibility traces, say 10x a second.

Why not add a trigger volume to your character? Then use the event “OnOverlap (TriggerVolume)” -> Destroy Actor process. Just have it go outside of your collision capsule, but not under. This way the floor doesn’t destroy it, and whatever it runs it to will.