Destroying Actors

Hi guys, just want to ask about destroying actors performance wise. Tried using “event tick” and “get all actors” both didn’t drop frames. I only have one device to test my game thus I am unable to test it further. May I know which is best performing such task? Thank you!

Thank you i’ll have this be noted, I did not use both in a single method. I have them separated which does the same task and wanting to know which is the best.

Running get all actors on tick is not a good idea

If you want to destroy all actors of a certain class then “get all actors” is fine. It will do the trick. Tick is a terrible idea for destroying anything. Your question makes me question what exactly you are trying to do as it is not clear by the methods you are using. Perhaps if you explained better what you want to achieve we could provide you with an efficient method of doing so.