Destroying actor with player collision

Hello, thanks for viewing this post.

I wanted to attach two different nodes in this blueprint to the “Event BeginActorOverlap,” namely the “Play Sound at Location” node.

What’s already attached is rather important to the item, I just want the player to walk through the item and have it removed from the world and play a sound to indicate the item was picked up.

Is there some other node I could use to detect collision with the player?

The image below is the blueprint in question.

Try out the ‘Sequence’ node, there’s documentation of it here:

If I am understanding your question right, just connect the play sound at location pin after you set your bool variable.

I also see that you have a box, boxes have collision events available. When you have the box selected, on the details panel, there should be events at the bottom such as event hit and begin overlap.

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!