destroying actor when button is pressed

Hi guys,

I am trying to implement a button, which can destroy the actor it is conected to.

right now when pressing the button it can destroy an actor of the blueprint class but not specificly the one I am in the hitbox of.
Can somebody please help me? I am new to Unreal and at some point where I have no idea what to do anymore…

Those BP interface calls can have parameters, like this:


Why not pass a reference to the actor you have just overlapped with to the kill routine?


basically that is what I tryed when I set the “current” object variable in the interactive Object Blueprint. But now I don’t know how to call it at the button interaction.

No. You have a couple of problems there. Firstly, the you’re setting the current object to the first person character :slight_smile:

You need to set the current object to ‘reference to self’. It’s the current BP_interactive object this code is being run in.

Second, you have to pass it to the BP interface call as a parameter. Go to the place where you setup that BP interface ( show popup ) and add a parameter which is a reference to a BP_interactive object.

Then you can pass it with the call.

Also, the more usual way to check if it’s the player causing the overlap is:


Of course it’s ok to do it your way, but this is usually what you’ll see. And it’s a bit less cumbersome.