Destroyed the machine


I have created an infinite map.

After two or three minutes the car is destroyed.

In the video below:

Has a radius move. Limited

Please help. It is necessary.

The location of the vehicle is destroyed -1,048,575.0

I change the value.
Nothing does not occur.

What to Do?
Engine version 4.7.2

Please help.:confused:

Do not know what to do!

someone not help? :frowning:

something else is destroying your actor (vehicle)

the Kill Z or kill zone is measured in the Z Axis or the last number in coordinates 0,0,0 <- Z is the last number.
(in your last image of the Kill Z in your editor is a drop down list showing Kill Z Damage - set it to None)

can’t see your video btw

Edit: found this too, more info that applies to endless runner type games:

Download video 142 KB

Hi everyone.

My problem was solved.
This check should therefore be removed.