"Destroyed" Explosion Using Line Trace Still In Level (kinda)

Howdy there!

I’m having an issue with a Line Trace weapon I came up with in this FPS screw around project. I’m using the ‘First Person Template’ and I took the first bit of the ‘Input Action Fire’ that plays the Player Character’s weapon firing animation and Firing Sound and split that off into two Line Tracing systems (not sure if that’s a good idea so let me know haha). The first Line Tracing system looks for Pawns using Line Trace for Objects and destroys them upon actually hitting a Pawn but I use a Spawn Emitter to call the Starter Content Explosion. The second Line Tracing system implements what that grape fruit looking projectile does by adding an impulse to the scattered boxes around the map to make them fly around using Line Trace by Channel.

The problem here is when I shoot any of the pawns the Explosion sticks around in the level…kinda. What I mean by kinda is the Spawn Emitter does what its supposed to do by spawning at the Hit Pawn’s location and destroying itself but when I shoot anything (including walls) around the area where I killed a pawn, the light effect for the explosion still happens. The visual doesn’t play, just the light effect.

-I’ve tried having the Line Trace by Channel system disconnected.
-I feel like this has to do with the setup of the Break Hit Result and Spawn Emitter but I’m not sure.
-I’ve attached pictures for reference.

Does anyone happen to know what could be causing this?


Any ideas at all?

Sounds like there is still something staying over from the pawn after its destroyed. Is there anything else attached there perhaps?

I had given up hope that anyone would reply and I didn’t want to be that guy that kept bumping so I just left it be lol. Thank you for replying! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyways, I still have yet to figure out the issue. I checked all of my blueprints just now just to be sure and it doesn’t make sense. The line trace triggers a spawn emitter to call the explosion if it hits a pawn and the Spawn Emitter is set to auto destroy the explosion right after it finishes playing. There shouldn’t be anything left to get rid of unless its still spawning somewhere because it thinks the NPC it hit isn’t dead. But I set the NPCs to destroy after being hit (unless more has to be ‘destroyed’ with characters that I don’t know about?).