I’m completely new to blueprint, how do I reference a boxcomponent to a destroy actor function?

Or rather how do I destroy a boxcomponent?

Get the component you want to destroy.
Drag off a wire.
Type destroy.
There should be a “destroy component” node there.


There are many ways to reference things to destroy. Most of them involve “hitting” it in the game. This can be direct collision/overlap or by using one of the Traces(Line Trace, Sphere Overlap, etc).

Additionally, you can store an actor’s reference in an actor variable. So you can get the actor when you spawn him(the return output) or on hit, and then destroy him by referencing it’s variable either now or later.


Another question, in case I have a lot of components that I want to destroy is there another way rather than draggin wires to each component?

Screenshot (2).png

You can make an Array and fill it with your boxes. Then do a ForEachLoop on the array.

Cool, thanks!