DestroyActor Ignore TriggerVolume?

I have this in my level blueprint, I would like it to ignore a trigger volume so that the trigger volume stays on the map and does not get destroyed.

How is this possible?

Note the trigger box is what is causing the destruction of actors, it must be able to overlap with the trigger volume and not have the volume be destroyed.

Set up collision channels make your trigger box ignore other trigger box

Optionally as you can see in that node you can add class filtring so you can make it react only to specific class (like Pawn for example)

My method actually failed and caused more errors.

How can I set up collision to ignore a trigger? My collision is set to trigger for the trigger box but I cannot find an option to exempt trigger volume from it.

If I do add a class to my getOverlappingActors, it will only remove one actor and I need it to remove a bunch of actors. I tried adding all actor classes to an actor class type array variable, however the nodes would not connect.