Destroy wall with dash ability

I have a Dash ability and destructible wall prepared but am unsure of how to get only the dash ability to destroy the wall when activated an nothing else. Any help is appreciated.

The approach would need to depend on how much physical interaction you expect from the character; for a straightforward interaction with just a wall, the below might be enough:

  • the Character Movement component has a bunch of settings that control a lot of behaviours, one of them is the physical interaction

Perhaps you could disable it and only have it engage while dashing:

Do ignore the rather crude implementation of Dashing, this can be done much better and just demos the end result here.

Image from Gyazo

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I understand the explanation/example and I have attempted to implement what you suggested however i am able to break the wall just from walking into it instead of using dash for some reason. any idea why?

Start by increasing the damage threshold on the destructibles so they don’t shatter when someone merely breathes in their general direction. Here it’s raised from the default 0.1 to 500.

Also, are you starting with the interaction set to False?

This may not be a good solution and a dead end, just something worth experimenting with. You’d need to detail how the in-game interactions are supposed to work.

Are you starting with the Enable Physics Interaction set to False? Like in the first screenshot?

i already attempted to change the damage threshold but for some reason even if i put the amount to a crazy number the wall breaks on touch

I recreated the example you gave to see if it would work for my project