Destroy Session doesn't work

I have set up a blueprint where when the player clicks quit on the HUD it destroys the session and goes back to the menu. However when I try to find a new session or create a new session it fails to do so. I looked into it and found out that the destroy session node isn’t failing or succeeding.

I am having this issue myself, been looking for a fix but nothing!
Only way i found was to close and re-open the project.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Same here anyone know how to fix this

I’m not sure how you guys are doing it.
But are you referencing the player controller reference in the destroy session node?
It should be as simple as this below, although, ignore the “VR” stuff

Hi, thanks for your picture. I do believe i am doing this correctly
This is my setup:

I made a custom function then called it when a player clicks “Leave Session” (which returns them to the Main Menu and Destroys Session) But when i get returned to the Main Menu and click Find Games it automatically tries to join the last session i was in (My custom loading screen shows up) so then i have to manually close the game and re-open it to “Destroy Session”.

Has this ever been solved? I’m having this issue now… it’s been years and people still having this same problem.

Change Nodes in your Game Mode. Event On Log Out. Makes such… Thing or Bug.
If there are any already Destroy Session

You need to call destroy session in the game instance class, you can’t call it anywhere else like the session nodes. It returns failure if you called it in another blueprint (character maybe). And it can also return failure if you called it multiple times. Make sure it is called once. Reconnection should work if you did it right.

Im in UE5.3 and are calling Destroy Session from the GameInstance. After that, I can’t reconnect again. Anyone ever found a solution to this?

Funny thing is, that if I call it on the Client, I can reconnect, but then my Player leaves an empty playercapsule behind.