Destroy session does not work for the client?

With our game set up for steam, we are able to search find and join games. Our issues start with things that happen after that.

We have a few things happening.

  1. When a client leaves a game and they then search for games again the search goes on forever and usually fail but some times will find games again. We used to have destroy session for whenever the client leaves a match but if we had the open level node coming from the on success it would never open a level and would never succeed.
    according to the documentation all clients should use the destroy session node to leave a session, but weve had no real luck with this.
    Online sessions Nodes

  2. The next issue is when the server quits or closes a session. The destroy session will succeed but all clients get dropped and they cant join or find other games. Not sure how to handle this.

  3. The next issue is when clients loose connection they can no longer join or find sessions.

If anyone has any info that could help us that would be amazing