Destroy / Respawn Actor : Owner

i have that object. it gets destroyed after some time and respawned immediately in the same spot.
the problem is, that the spawned actor does not have an owner. how can i set it to have the same owner as the original placed structure?

this does not seem to work, although it prints the right name.

when placed, the thing belongs to the player. thats good.
when respawned, the thing seems to not belong to anyone. that’s bad… makes me sad.


Yup. Everyone is waiting for you to finish up this mod !!

Go for it !! :slight_smile:

From my own personal endeavours, the owner controller won’t work here.

The only way that could possible work at the moment, until they allow us to get a reference to the pawn/player/controller that placed a structure, would be to get the three owner variables(you’re using one of them) from the destroyed and pass them through to the new actor upon creation/spawn and set them.

But, be warned these owner variables will be completely unique for each actor and tribe governance will determine the values if in a tribe.


Whats the other 2 ?

I got the same problem. :frowning:
Child actor dont get the parent owner.

What you need to do is set the “Targeting Team” variable on the respawned structure to the “Targeting Team” of the original structure. The Targeting Team is what controls ownership in ark from what i know.

This should work:

Thanks Mezzow!
this seems to work much better.
although i think its not perfect, as the player name is missing.
it seems that it belongs to the right tribe tough. and can be destroyed.
don’t know if that works properly on server.