Destroy Player when Mesh passes through Player

Often times, different actors on a set movement path slide through my player character.

Is there a way to destroy the player character when this type of situation occurs? I have too many actors that can inhibit this type of collision/overlap, so hopefully something could be arranged for if a mesh starts proceeding through the player character, destroy the player character. Any suggestions?

i.e. I would not like these mesh objects to pass through the player, so I’d like to destroy the player before the object can really pass through the player.

Make a hit/trigger box so that it destroys the player, like here:

The box you would run into:

Make sure to Look at the highlighted circles because you will need those two.

The Character Blueprint


With the custom event you could also like make animations for your guy getting his head bumped over and so on

How could I set two box collisions on my player, and when an actor overlaps on one and another actor overlaps on the other, the destroyActor triggers?

If I would like two box collisions to be overlapped, how can I set both of them to the event to trigger the destroyActor? Once each box collision has hit two separate actors?

Im a little confused on what your asking.

If I put a box on his head and a box by his feet
I have one event and the need to have two separate objects pass through each individual box
to trigger the event destroy? the calling of AND between two hit overlaps after event and before destroy?

Sorry I don’t think I know how to do this