destroy not working

Hi! I’m learning blueprint from tutorial “pickup”. And I tried using first person template and third person template.
for the first person template, if connect “OnComponentBeginOverlap(StaticMesh)” to “Destroy Actor” directly it work. But if I connect like the picture it won’t work

for third person template, no matter I connect directly to destroy or not. It still won’t destroy.

Did you set the collision to generate overlap events within the properties for the object? Maybe it doesn’t matter I’m not sure but place a print string after the on component overlap and make sure you’re overlapping something.

for first person template, the blueprint shows program running but stop at “Cast to Character”.
for third person template, I added “print string”, it show up Hello on screen, so overlap is fine.

anyone else has the same problem?

does set max walk speed work? for the correct character?

good thing to always check is to pull off the ‘cast to character’ nodes ‘Failed’ output with a print string

that way you can make sure your cast is actually working

also you have to make sure you are casting to the ‘correct’ character
( I had a 1st person character template which I created a 3rd person character once, much like you can do now, and I had cast to the wrong BP. so make sure it’s the right BP as well)

Maybe this will work?

Hi morning_sashimi,

I have never tried to hook up the component that way. Usually I use a node in between “Actor has tag”. You will need to add a tag to your character for this to work. I gave mine a name “Player”

For the pickup blueprint

Add a tag in your character blueprint


Thank you!!!

Isaac Nichols Tanks for help :slight_smile:

I think you also helped me solve a problem that was giving a lot of headaches.