Destroy mesh after enemy death

I havent found solution. I have boss at levels and i want that when boss is dead some wall/static meshes disappear. But only after boss is dead. I know it can be done to level blueprint and some reference to that object in level blueprint. Probably very easy to do but not still understand

“destroy actor”

lol know that but i mean it need some reference that when boss is dead then it will destroy wall item. it need some reference to wall and also some blueprint to level that it knows when boss is dead and afte that destroy wall.

I’m going to assume that the walls/meshes you want to destroy are all preknown. So with that just create references for them and make use of events to trigger the destroy.

There are many ways to get/pass reference. I don’t know anything about your project, so I can’t really tell you the best approach.

You can easily do this in the Level Blueprint, but this might not be the “best” way depending on your project.

Post more info here, or DM me with some details.