Destroy destructible mesh chunks when hit the ground

I hope someone can please answer my two questions about destructible meshes:

  1. I have set up a destructible building with partial destruction that falls over when you destroy the lower parts of it. How can I set it up that the part of the mesh that touches the ground gets destroyed too?

  2. How can I count the chunks that fall from my destructible mesh? I want to give the player points depending on how much of the mesh he destroys.

I’d also like to know this. Thanks for asking the question.

This one will be a little tricky to do, but one way to do it is with Crumble Smallest Chunks under the Destructible Mesh Flags. Here is one way to make it work.

  1. Make a mesh with a depth of two: 0 depth for the mesh, 1 for the big chunks, and 2 for the crumble chunks.
  2. Have Impact Damage and Crumble Smallest Chunks enabled.
  3. Have a Support Depth of 1 and Enable Debris for your lowest depth (2).
  4. Set your mesh into your scene and make sure it is set to Use Async Scene (under Physics > Advanced Options Tab).
  5. Apply damage and force to your DM through your Blueprints or C++ as needed.

If everything works out, what should occur is:

  1. Building blows up.
  2. Large chunks fly off.
  3. When large chunks impact the ground, they will take impact damage and crumble.
  4. When they crumble, they will be crumbled and ‘destroyed’.

As for counting the DM chunks, that would need to be done through C++ or by creating an event based on a particle system you attach to the Fracture Effects.

I hope that helps, and good luck.