Destroy Child Actor Class After Spawn

Hi, I’m making a fps and when currently making the weapon select. Ive got it working so the guns settings change on the weapon select slot with replication. However when I spawn the m4a1 mesh which is a blueprint as a child actor. I have no way to despawn it so the next gun m4a1 just spawns on top of the other one.

How the hell do I destroy a child actor class. The weapons I’m spawning are blueprints. The reason I want to use blueprints is because I want the magazines to socket on construction and I just thought it would give me more options when messing with the weapons. Is there anyway to destroy a child actor class after its been spawned and socketed to the fps arms mesh or will I have to use meshes for the guns.

Id like to do it first on the sequence so before it even spawns it empties it.