Destroy actor when score is 0

Hi all

Im making a 4-man pong game. Where the player and AI start off with 15 points, and then losing one when the ball hits their goal.

Right now I have the game mode bp counting the points when the Goal call the event.

And since the game mode is counting scores, I figured that I should make an if statement that when score is below 1 -> call Death function.

Then in that given players bp, I made a custom event called Death, that should kill the player (Destroy actor)

But I cant really get the gamemode to call that custom event properly I think it had something to do with targeting, I tried different stuff, but none of it works.

Anyone that can help?

Heres some pictures.

OOkkaaaay, I just got it to work with a get all actors of class and connecting it to a foreachloop, as in the picture below.

I am not sure why it works, I just tried it out for fun. Can anyone explain to me why that worked?