Destroy Actor stops Blueprint execution flow

If your Blueprint class has a Destroy Actor node destroying Blueprint instance, you’ll not see execution flow.

Hi PowerDesign,

Once instance of actor is destroyed, there’s nothing left to track. You’ll notice that Debug Filter is emptied immediately once instance is destroyed. Up until then, however, execution flow should work as expected. Are you seeing something different? Can you share an image of your setup and describe what you’re seeing and what you expect to see while debugging BP? Thanks!

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Just setup a Blueprint class (with a StaticMeshComponent) inheriting Actor, after Event Hit, Destroy Actor itself, then in game hit class instance with a FirstPersonProjectile.

When class instance in level is destroyed, you’ll want to turn to your graph to see which flow is executed, problem is, execution flow disappears too soon, usually even if a flow is not continuously executed (like Tick) it diminishes gradually.

Hi PowerDesign,

blueprint debugger relies on Debug Filter, which tracks instances in level. Once that instance is destroyed, Debug Filter empties and you can no longer follow execution flow for that instance. This is intentional design.

If you need to watch for when that Event Hit fires, you’ll need to use a Breakpoint.

That is why it is considered not ideal.