Destroy Actor - Spawn Actor

Hey guys

I have an issue with the engine, where I am attempting to make a blueprint that destroy certain actors, when I am inside a building, and then spawns them again once I leave the building.

I have a fairly big outside scene, with a lot of elements, like rain, fog, skylight etc, and I dont want those elements to be visible once I am inside a building.

I have made the building, so that they work with a “Teleporter”

As you can see in the blueprint, there are two teleporters, one that takes me inside, and one that takes me out. I can destroy the actors when inside, so they dont show

However - I have absolutely no idea how to spawn them again once I leave the building.

Any suggestions?

Use the “get class” node to get the class of the actors you are destroying and store it in an array. Do the same with the actors transforms. Do this before you destroy them, then when you need to respawn, just do a foreach in your array of UClass and use the node SpawnActorFromClass, and get the respective transforms from your transforms array, using the current index from ForeachLoop and be happy :smiley: