Destroy Actor not doing it's thing

Trying to add a Woodcutting system to my game, after some conditions are met I am wanting to destroy the Tree (Actor) and replace it with a Stump (Actor)

Here’s what’s happening

Dumbed down version of my current graph

I’ve tried casting to the tree and destroying it that way, also tried destroying it’s scene root, same results…
Any ideas?

I’m no expert, so take this with a grain of salt…

Set the other actor from the overlap event to a variable. Then use the get for that actor for the delete.

By the time the delete is suppose to happen there isn’t an other actor from the event. so you’re getting a null actor to delete. Which is nothing. I think… heh

Just a suggestion.


Derp, that makes perfect sense, I’ll post back ina sec

Same results

Starting to think I’m going about this the wrong way, maybe someone could chime in on this topic

Hmm, are the logs and tree stump spawning? If not the next thing id try is use the new actor variable for your check if actor has tag.



*** EDIT
Oh and I see the stump spawns in your GIF, heh.

Make sure you have the collision set correctly on the actor you want to destroy. OverlapAllDynamic or whatever, and make sure Generate Overlap Events is checked as well.

Yeah option was enabled.

Just to clarify some things,
The BP trying to destroy the tree is the axe itself, can’t think of a way for it to work inside of the tree actor.
And Answer Hub questions I could find related to this problem all resides within the level blueprint, and area of Unreal I’m not too familiar with, would I need to move this into there somehow?

Any of those seem to be a potential problem?

Gah, I’m getting bad at this…

Sorry for wasting your time, moving this all to the actual Tree Actor BP works…