Destroy actor is not working

I’m fairly new to the UE4 and I am having some trouble,my destroy actor node is not working in both class and level blueprint. I want to destroy the class blueprint when I press the K key,but it is not working,strangely it works when I simply attach the node to when actor overlaps the trigger box,I thought my class blueprint must be having some trouble so I add another trigger box and tried to do the same thing but this time in level blueprint(destroy the class bp when K key is pressed) it is not working in both cases. I tried to set the variable for the key too,

still no results. there must be something I am doing wrong. please take look at the following screenshots. ignore the E key node,I changed it to K afterwards.


A actor is not receiving player input by default. Set a breakpoint after your K-Input to verify it. You can enable in class settings/details that the actor receive input from player 0. it’s ok for testing, but if you want to go in the long run add a event and call that from eg. your playerController. It’s rare that an actor (except of playercontroller or pawn) directly receives Input